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Making An Impact

Understanding AWARE

  • AWARE is a statewide nonprofit organization that offers quality, community-based and residential support for individuals, children and adults with mental health and developmental disabilities. Our mission is to help people live independent lives and we serve all 56 counties in Montana.


  • AWARE’s services are accredited through the Council for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), a national accreditor of providers who deliver human services for individuals with special needs.


  • AWARE was formed in 1976 for the purpose of developing an adult services program to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities who resided in Anaconda, Montana. Shortly thereafter, in 1980, a residential program was added to meet the needs of those undergoing de-institutionalization from the Montana Developmental Center. These beginnings cemented the core philosophies of the organization; philosophies of unconditional care, full integration in the community and a strength-based approach that not only formed the nucleus of AWARE’s adult services but paved the way towards serving youth and families.


  • In 2023, AWARE served 4,985 unique individuals. Over 90% of the people we serve are low-income and AWARE’s services are primarily subsidized through state funded programs such as Medicaid.

It Takes A Team
Meet some of the people we are helping to live independent lives.

Lighten Up & Laugh

By the Numbers - Billings

In 2023, AWARE made a BIG impact in Billings and the surrounding areas:

  • Served 841 individuals in Yellowstone County

  • Owned & Operated 10 facilities, including residences and offices 

  • Approximately 18% of AWARE's workforce is based in Billings

  • Invested over $7 million in the Billings community, including over $6 million in wages and $1 million in payments to Billings vendors.

View AWARE's full 2023 Annual Report here.

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  • AWARE offers residential services for adults and youth with mental health and/or developmental disabilities.

  • We provide care in more than 40 homes across Montana. Homes are located in Anaconda, Billings, Butte, Great Falls, and Missoula.

  • Each home offers a specialized service. 

  • At AWARE, we pride ourselves in making sure the people we serve have a house that feels like a home, someplace that they are proud to live and can make their own.