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AWARE Ink Newsletter

A Job Well Done - Georgia Hartsfield

AWARE is pleased to feature columns written by people we serve. This month’s feature comes from Georgia Hartsfield who was thrilled by the efforts of her case manager, Thane. He was able to help her secure housing before the cold weather turned even more frigid. She had previously been living in a homeless camp on the outskirts of town.

“Thane is the greatest! As soon as I told him I’m freezing, he somehow got me in here in the blink of an eye. I stayed at the camp for 32 nights and couldn’t take it no more, I was freezing. He did his job and got me into the assisted living like I wanted on December 15th. I’m thankful I have a room, my own TV and a warm place to stay. If I need anything, I can text Thane and he helps me. Thank you so much AWARE for giving me Thane!”

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