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AWARE Ink Newsletter

A Passion for Helping Others

Our heroes are passionate about helping others. They are innately called to this line of work, and they don’t hesitate to respond. Each one of them possesses an unwavering dedication and commitment to the cause, and they use their strength to fight for what’s right instead of what’s easy. They’re resilient beyond measure, and we look up to them because of their ability to achieve great things.

We don’t need to remind you how challenging it is to put the needs of others before your own. We know it’s certainly worth the effort (it’s part of a greater purpose). The truth is, we’re all heroes in a way. We help people live independent lives – in the face of adversity. And without your dedication, that wouldn’t be a reality for many.

Inspired by all of you, we’re highlighting those who have gone above and beyond in their duties. They have risen to the challenge, and they continue to serve our mission despite everything that has been thrown at us.

This month’s Healthcare Hero goes to Rick Hamblin, operations manager for quality improvement.

He has been helping our service lines run smoothly for the last five+ years.

Rick always has a smile on his face, and he’s described as a leader willing to go the extra mile. In one instance, he covered a Sunday shift in the group home to help ease the burden of staff shortages. He did it to help because that’s who he is.

He frequently makes himself available at all hours of the day and night. He’s always there for anyone who requests assistance with our electronic health record, Smartsheet, rules and regulations and other various data systems. His skills are beyond impressive, and he graciously offers up his knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

Rick always has great stories to tell, and with each of them, comes valuable lessons learned. His drive to serve others is nothing short of admirable. He’s caring, upbeat, personable and professional all wrapped up into one remarkable person.

He never makes people feel like they are asking too much or that their questions are too silly. He continually looks to make things easier to use, and he actively looks to streamline our systems so that the focus can remain on providing quality care.

Rick, you are a true Healthcare Hero! Thank you for your dedication and relentless commitment to helping people live independent lives. We are truly grateful for everything you do!

If you know of someone who should be recognized as the next Healthcare Hero, please send a tip to Bryon Higgins at

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