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A Successful AWARE Day Thanks to Adam Pehl's Idea

AWARE Day on April 27 turned out to be a great success!

It was wonderful to see everyone’s excitement, and there were definitely plenty of smiles to go around. Listening to staff and clients wishing each other happy AWARE Day was one of the best parts.

Adam Pehl, program manager, created the Corporate Congress bill that initiated AWARE Day last June. Inspiration came from another business Adam worked at before coming to AWARE.

“I wanted people to be excited like Christmas or spring.” As a group home manager, “I am always looking for ways to connect with staff and clients,” Adam said.

Check out a gallery of the AWARE Day celebration >>>.

During the last few months, both AWARE’s strategic planning and development and marketing teams helped form Adam’s vision.

It was decided to bring all of the AWARE teams throughout Montana and the people we serve together in their local areas for a statewide pizza and social media party (check out our Facebook or Instagram feeds).

More than 500 pizzas from Dominos and Pizza Hut were delivered to homes, offices and work sites across Montana.

“It was a very fun day,” Adam said. “All the clients and staff seemed to have a wonderful time!”

Adam said the home he manages took much of the entire day to celebrate. The kids’ days are often filled with homework and chores. AWARE Day provided the opportunity for both the staff and kids to hang out and have fun with games and pizza (Photo: Adam plays checkers with resident).

“This job has a lot of serious moments, so it’s good to have lighten up and laugh moments,” Adam said.

Adam has been with AWARE since 2018. He started working at AWARE while he was attending college. He chose to go back to school after working for many years in transportation.

Adam said at first he wanted to get a degree in business to support his love of photography. However, a psychology class set him on track to work in human services.

While discussing school and his career at AWARE, Adam said, “My work is a labor of love, and there’s not a day that goes by I regret. I am really blessed.”

Adam, we thank you for your service and for sharing your AWARE Day vision. This first-ever event was a hit.

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