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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Ace Finds a Home

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Not long ago, a man with a troubled past found himself without a home, wandering the streets, and reliant on the local mission in town. He had burned all bridges and was spending time with a not-so-favorable crowd.

Ace, as he’s called, was referred to case management services but had become very difficult to track down. His case manager, Brandon Wild, was able to get him on a waiting list for residential placement, but it didn’t look too promising.

Initially living with so-called “friends,” Ace had taken to pawning nearly all of his possessions to earn street credit and a good rapport. These “friends,” though, were anything but the term.

One night they were out roaming the streets, looking for trouble, and that’s exactly what they found. A few days later, they were linked to a shooting in town, which resulted in the death of a young man.

As you can imagine, this was terrifying for Ace. He knew he needed to move, but he didn’t have anywhere to go. For a while, he found himself living under a bridge in a nearby town with little to his name. He had the clothes on his back and a pair of cowboy boots that were two sizes too big.

Eventually, he did find a place to rent, but it was hardly a home. It resembled more of a run-down trailer that should have been condemned.

Then, just when he thought he finally found a decent place to live, his so-called “friends” showed back up, trashed the place, and got him evicted.

He had exhausted all options, he was on his last limb, and there was nothing. He had become truly homeless. All he could rely on was the mission in town and his case manager.

An urgent needs request was filed in hopes that they could fast-track Ace into a placement. Then they waited with their fingers crossed.

After about a week, they received a response. There was an opening, but it was a four-hour drive away, in a completely unfamiliar town. Ace had a decision to make, and it wasn’t going to be easy one. Moving that far away was unfamiliar. He would be disconnected from the small support group he did have.

Nervously, Ace accepted the placement, and made the move. His aunt loaded him up and made the drive. Together, they anxiously wondered what this new place would be like.

Terry, Ace’s aunt, said, “I fretted and stewed all the way there because it was so far from home. We can’t just run over to fix things. We got to the house, though, and were so impressed. It’s a three-bedroom home in a nice neighborhood. His room is wonderful, and he even has a half bath in there.”

Needless to say, Ace has finally found a place he can proudly call home.

As Terry was leaving, Ace’s new roommate told her not to worry – that he would take good care of him. Ace has already let her know that he loves it there. He’s been able to go out for pizza, hit balls at the batting cage, and they even drove around looking at Christmas lights.

Ace keeps in contact with Terry, letting her know how things are going. He’s had a few jobs detailing cars, and he’s looking at other work opportunities to keep himself busy. He’s good with his hands and has expressed an interest in welding. All in all, Ace has settled into his new home, and he has a renewed outlook on life now.

He embraced change and opened a world of opportunity. Yes, he does eventually want to make his way back to his hometown, but for now he is doing just fine. All it took was a bundle of courage and a change of scenery for Ace to find his new home!

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Exciting news! Ace has found a home! Whether it's for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, his new 'vacation rental' is filled with love and joy. Here's to creating lasting memories in this special space.

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