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AWARE Ink Newsletter

An AWARE Home Receives Update Thanks to Generous Donation

Earlier this year, AWARE received a very generous donation from an anonymous donor directing us to use the funds as needed. We are so excited to share, that amongst many other things, this donor made a huge impact on the lives of the residents at our Sage house in Anaconda.

Because of this donor’s generosity, the Sage house has a new look including new window coverings, couches, televisions, dining room table and chairs, outdoor furniture, plant stands and more.

AWARE takes great pride in offering houses that are more than a roof over a head. AWARE works tirelessly to ensure that these places are comfortable and welcoming – a place the residents can truly call their home. This donor helped us take the Sage house from good to great.

Fun fact: AWARE offers residential services for adults and youth. We provide care in nearly 50 homes across Montana. Homes are located in Anaconda, Billings, Butte, Great Falls, and Missoula. Each home offers a specialized service. We support people with autism, developmental and disabilities, and special medical needs. These homes help keep people in the communities of their choosing and out of higher levels of care.

Maintaining these homes is an ongoing expense, one that is not entirely covered by state funding. If you would like to learn more about how you can help make these houses homes, please contact AWARE’s Director of Development, Brynn Molloy at

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