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AWARE Ink Newsletter

An ounce of hope is all it takes

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

This is a story of struggle. It’s a story of a woman who’s on the verge of disaster, and her hope remains just a glimmer - if even that - shrouded in complete darkness.

Today is not the first that she’s woken up in her own filth. She looks “grey” in her catatonic state, and she hasn’t moved for days. She’s so weak she couldn’t get up if she tried.

This woman, who shall remain nameless to protect her identity, has a daughter. She used to have a home, and she used to have a job. She was, by all means, successful and ambitious.

She had a life to be proud of until it was taken from her by an onslaught of abuse. It was so traumatic and damaging that it led to a suicide attempt and multiple hospitalizations. She had become lost and could no longer see a life worth living.

She reached such a dire state that she no longer took medication, she’d been kicked out of multiple facilities, and she’d often been homeless throughout the years.

Her extended family had tried to help time and time again, but they were on their last limb. They didn’t know what to do anymore.

On a last-ditch effort, they made a call to AWARE and were referred to a case manager who got things moving. With a renewed energy and focus, the family began to form a plan.

A spark of hope was found, and the woman began receiving the help and support she so desperately needed. She started attending regular medical appointments, taking her medication, and a sense of stabilization emerged. Once again, she could see the joy in life.

Today, she continues making progress while on a waiting list for a residential care facility. She is healing and rebuilding. She’s on track to regain visitation rights for her daughter, whom she hasn’t seen or spoken to in years.

Now, you can see her face light up with color as she speaks. The dream of reclaiming what she once had is within sight. All it took was an ounce of hope placed in the careful hands of someone who was willing to help.


The reality of this story is something that is all too true for not only this woman but many of the people we serve. When mental health issues spiral out of control, they can be disastrous for not only the individuals themselves but also their families and society as a whole. We are so grateful for our case managers and all of our employees who serve those in need during desperate times.

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