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AWARE Ink Newsletter

AWARE ABA Services Use Systematic Approach To Build Independence 

This month we’re thrilled to focus on a methodical approach that is transforming the way we support individuals, so they can live as independently as possible. We want the people we serve to thrive in their environment, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an important component to many of our efforts across service lines.


Understanding ABA: A Scientific Path To Individual Growth 

The foundation of ABA is built on a systematic application of behavior principles tailored to meet the individualized goals of each person we serve. This evidence-based approach focuses on improving socially significant behaviors while relying on data-driven insights to comprehend the "why" behind behaviors. Proven to be effective for individuals facing the most challenging behaviors, ABA works by teaching new replacement skills across various domains such as social interaction, communication, self-help and activities of daily living. 

AWARE ABA Service Line: Extending Our Reach, Transforming Communities 

At AWARE, we've integrated ABA into many of our core service lines. This includes our numerous community services, youth and adult residential homes, Early Head Start, Center for Excellence School and our FACT team. Here's a glimpse of how ABA is making a difference: 

  • Community Services: Our board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) collaborate with families, offering comprehensive support in homes, schools and the community. A functional behavior assessment is conducted, leading to the creation of a positive behavior support plan and a skill development treatment plan. Our registered behavior technicians (RBTs) work closely with individuals, dedicating numerous hours each week to teaching essential skills. 

  • Residential Homes: We implement skill development programs grounded in ABA, coupled with positive behavior support plans. All programs are overseen by our experienced BCBAs. 

  • Early Head Start/Center for Excellence/FACT/Other Services: Our team pulls together to support other services and programs as needed. This includes internal referrals from other AWARE programs, school districts and educational programs, and several other types of mental health and developmental disability providers. We match our areas of expertise to the behavioral needs identified for service. 


Expanding Horizons: ABA Services Across Montana 

AWARE’s ABA services are currently offered in Billings, Bozeman, Livingston, Belgrade, Three Forks, Whitehall, Dillon, Helena and Great Falls. In the near future, ABA services will be available in Missoula with an anticipated start date sometime during the summer of 2024. We’re currently accepting referrals in each of the aforementioned communities. 

Eligibility And How To Get Involved 

Our ABA services are open to both adults and children based on specific criteria: 

  • Medicaid covers autism spectrum disorder, severe emotional disturbance and developmental disability diagnoses. 

  • Private insurance is accepted for autism spectrum disorder. 

  • The developmental disability program caters to those receiving 0208 waiver services. 

For more information or to make a referral, please contact Diane Black, M.Ed., LBA, at 302.530.3999 or Alternatively, you can visit us at call AWARE’s main office at 406.563.8117. 



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