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AWARE Ink Newsletter

AWARE awarded $4.5 million Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant

Updated: Dec 28, 2021


October 6, 2021

ANACONDA, MT – AWARE has received a $4.5 million, two-year grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to expand preventative and mental health services for youth and families in Montana. The focus of the project is to springboard clinical services and support back into communities that have suffered loss of behavioral health support due to the pandemic.

AWARE, a statewide nonprofit organization that offers quality, community-based support for people with mental health and/or developmental disabilities will use the grant funding to develop a service titled Family Assertive Community Treatment (FACT). FACT teams will be multi-disciplinary, including psychiatry, counseling, behavior management, case management and administration.

The FACT model will use in-home therapeutic and family support services for youth and their families, whether biological, adoptive or kinship families. AWARE’s FACT teams will be equipped to serve youth and families across Montana. The FACT team’s wraparound approach to care and treatment will facilitate and support stable housing, increased family engagement and increased access to psychiatric support for the most vulnerable people in our state to help minimize or prevent the need for more intensive services.

AWARE will soon be looking to fill positions, including clinicians, case managers, child and family specialists and administrative assistants to start providing services by January 30, 2022.

AWARE Chief Executive Officer, Matt Bugni said, “The fact that AWARE was awarded a $4.5 million grant from SAMHSA is a great honor and testimony to the work our team does. The effort that went into developing this idea is a perfect example of the innovative thinking and teamwork we pride ourselves on at AWARE. We are excited to implement the FACT model. This wraparound model of care will make a difference in the lives of youth and families in Montana.”

Please contact Brynn Molloy at for more information or to schedule interviews.


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