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AWARE Ink Newsletter

AWARE Early Head Start is Celebrating 25 Years in Butte

Throughout the next year, AWARE Early Head Start in Butte is celebrating its 25-year anniversary. Can you believe that the Butte center opened its doors all those years ago? We've witnessed many individual successes over the years at the center. AWARE is so grateful to be able to continue offering this program to children and their families.

Because we're looking to continue providing care for the children the next 25 years and beyond, we've made a list of 25 ways you can support the future of our children. The children and AWARE would love your support.

Find the list below:

25 Ways to Support AWARE Early Head Start

1. Volunteer your time

2. Help with lawn care

3. Rock babies

4. Reading time with toddlers

5. Answer phones

6. Supply organization

7. Sanitizing classroom supplies

8. Help with bulletin boards

9. Edit our monthly newsletter

10. Photography services – children, class events

11. Snow removal

12. Donate supplies – diapers, formula, wipe, sunscreen

13. Sewing – blankets, bibs, paint smocks

14. Play a musical instrument for children

15. Facility upkeep

16. Donate your skill – carpentry, landscaping, language interpretation

17. Donate your business product – food, craft supplies, yoga

18. Provide a parent education opportunity

19. Winter clothing for children

20. Donate a percentage of your business profits in an evening

21. Provide professional development for EHS staff

22. EHS Car detailing

23. Outdoor time with children

24. Offer a cooking class with parents

25. Sponsor books for our book vending machines

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