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AWARE Ink Newsletter

AWARE hires development and marketing director

After a long search far and wide, we are thrilled to announce that Brynn Molloy has accepted our position of Development and Marketing Director. She begins employment with AWARE December 9.

Brynn Molloy is a native Montanan. She earned her bachelor’s degree in political science, public law from the University of Montana and her master’s degree in higher education from the University of Washington.

Prior to accepting her new position with AWARE, Brynn held positions as the associate athletic director for marketing and community relations at the University of Montana and previous to that she worked in fundraising with the Grizzly Scholarship Association.

Brynn has experience in fundraising, planning and executing large events, special event fundraisers, managing volunteer boards, leading diversity and inclusion initiatives and mentorship programs, graphic design, social media management, marketing and community relations.

Outside of work, Brynn enjoys spending time with family and friends, her dogs and her horse. In addition to playing sports growing up, she competed around the Pacific Northwest in figure skating. She has been coaching figure skating for fun since 2001 and embraces that it provides an outlet to do something she loves while being a role model and mentor to young people.

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Daniella Hill
Daniella Hill
5 days ago

The article discusses AWARE Inc.'s recent appointment of a Development and Marketing Director, showcasing the organization's proactive stance towards enhancing outreach and impact. With a strategic focus on development and marketing initiatives, AWARE aims to amplify its message and support for individuals with disabilities. The addition of this key role underscores a forward-thinking approach, leveraging expertise to drive innovation and expand reach effectively. It reflects the organization's dedication to advancing its mission through strategic planning and execution. Furthermore, it signals a commitment to elevating the quality of their promotional materials, including video post production, to engage and inform their audience more effectively.


AWARE's recent move to hire a development and marketing director signals a strategic shift towards amplifying its mission and outreach, similar to the way platforms like Chatrandom harness the power of random chat rooms to connect people globally. Just as Chatrandom creates spaces for spontaneous interactions and exchange of ideas, the new director's role will be pivotal in crafting innovative strategies that foster engagement and support for AWARE's objectives. By leveraging social media, digital marketing, and possibly even the untapped potential of interactive platforms, they can create a more dynamic and inclusive dialogue around their cause. This approach not only broadens the organization's reach but also deepens the connection with its community, much like the instant, meaningful connections made possible…


AWARE's strategic move in hiring a development and marketing director signals a proactive approach to growth. With the increasing importance of online presence, this decision aligns with the trend of organizations recognizing the pivotal role a digital marketing company plays in achieving development and marketing goals. This move positions AWARE to leverage the expertise required for navigating the digital landscape and effectively reaching its target audience.

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