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AWARE Ink Newsletter

AWARE offers unique benefits

At AWARE, we are guided by our Unconditional Care Principles. These 10 principles inspire the services we provide to each person who comes to us for care. We recognize that to fully live our UCC Principles and our mission to help people live independent lives, we need to invest in our people.

In collaboration with the AWARE board of directors and our identified strategic plan, we are actively working to foster a culture that supports providing exceptional client care, but one that also support professional development and careers within the organization.

AWARE offers many great benefits including annual raises, paid holiday, vacation, personal and sick leave, health insurance and retirement. What makes us different than most organizations is our willingness and desire to invest in our employees. One of our most exciting benefits is the Tuition Advancement program.

At AWARE, we want employees to grow personally and professionally. We recognize that an employee’s educational development is important and should be encouraged. We want employees to find a career path within the organization, and we are so proud that we are able to offer a benefit like tuition advancement. Through the Tuition Advancement program, AWARE will invest in and pay for application fees, tuition and textbooks associated with post-secondary programs and courses. Employees who take advantage of this amazing benefit are expected to successfully complete the required coursework and certification and continue employment with AWARE for a period of three years from the date of successful completion of the program.

If you work for AWARE and wish to learn more about this program, please contact COO Leighann Knight or human resources.

If you don’t work for AWARE but would like to join our team, please visit to learn more.

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