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AWARE Ink Newsletter

AWARE opens its Farm in the Dell greenhouse to the public

AWARE’s greenhouse at the Farm in the Dell is now open. We’re excited to announce the opening after remaining closed last summer due to COVID.

Shop at the Farm

The farm’s greenhouse is chock-full of flowered plants, vegetables, houseplants and some fruit bushes for sale. Currently, anyone can make an appointment to make a purchase by calling 406.781.2851. Regular greenhouse hours will be announced soon.

Find us at the farmer's market

The crew also plans to bring their green goods to the Great Falls Farmers Market on Saturdays throughout the summer from 7:45 a.m. – noon.

All flowers and produce planted locally

Everything for sale was planted and cultivated at the Farm in the Dell. Both the residents and staff began planting seeds in February, starting them in their house. As the weather warmed up, they were transferred to the greenhouse.

Work will continue throughout the summer. Watering the plants, pruning, transferring plants to bigger pots and ensuring the proper temperature in the greenhouse are among the jobs performed for upkeep.

Both the staff and residents work in shifts to keep the greenhouse up and running. Some AWARE residents who live in town also take advantage of the opportunity to work at the farm a day or two each week.

If you are interested in supporting AWARE’s Farm in the Dell, please call 406.781.2851 to make an appointment to shop or stop by the Great Falls Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Plants for sale, $2 - $30

- Variety of flowers, 6-packs available

- Habanero peppers

- Green peppers

- Cucumbers

- Lettuce

- Spinach

- Tomatoes

- Cantaloupe

- Pumpkins

- Grapes

- House plants

- Farm Fresh Eggs

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