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AWARE Ink Newsletter

AWARE receives $10,000 gift to support services in Billings

The work we do matters and it does not go unnoticed.

In February Dawn Maddux, owner of Missoula-based Engel & Volkers Western Frontier, announced the $11.5 million dollar sale of a mansion in Billings. In early March, she determined that she was going to donate $50,000 of her commission to charities in Billings. She created a poll on her Facebook page to allow people to vote among eight pre-selected nonprofits who make an impact in the Billings community. AWARE was selected as one of the eight and through the power of social media and sharing, AWARE was one of the five organizations that Dawn generously donated $10,000 to.

“Giving back to the communities we serve is one of my highest priorities. These five organizations do so much for the Billings community. I hope this donation encourages others to find a charity they feel passionate about and support them in any way you can, either financially or by volunteering.”

While AWARE serves Montanans in all 56 counties across Montana, Billings is a major hub for services, providing the following services to people in the Billings community: Early Childhood Services, Early Head Start, Targeted Case Management, CSCT and youth and adult group homes.

The funds from this gift will be used to provide an outdoor shade structure and sandbox so kids can play all summer long. It will provide furniture for group homes, bikes and helmets, gardening supplies, and books that serve as therapeutic activities. Additionally, it will allow the people in AWARE’s care to visit Zoo Montana and sporting events where they can practice appropriate skills in social settings. Dawn’s generosity will make an immediate impact in the Billings community.

“AWARE is humbled by the generosity of Dawn and her team,” said Matt Bugni, AWARE CEO. “Not only is she helping out the kids and adults in AWARE’s care but the entire community of Billings. We are beyond thankful for this unexpected gift.”

If you would like to make a 100% tax deductible gift to support the work that AWARE does, please contact or visit to donate online today.

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