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AWARE’s Corporate Congress Coming to Butte

AWARE’s Corporate Congress is headed to Butte this June. The much-anticipated event is an integral part of AWARE’s strategic planning, and it’s designed to solicit and use input from stakeholders, staff, management and the people we serve. The process helps with overall management of the organization and enlists the help of delegates representing each of AWARE’s services and communities.

This year’s event…

AWARE’s 2023 Corporate Congress is slated for June 14-16 at the Copper King Hotel. The event is held bi-annually and rotates across AWARE’s communities throughout Montana so that everyone gets a chance to experience the impact of this unique event.

The Awards…

This year’s Corporate Congress will feature an awards banquet that honors and recognizes employees and stakeholders who have recently gone above and beyond in their duties. It’s a time for celebration, recognition, comradery and more! Click here to see a video of the awards banquet from 2022.

The Delegates…

AWARE front-line employees are nominated as delegates who work to pass bills that improve the organization.

There are two categories of Delegates:

Service Delegates represent AWARE services from across the entire state. They are responsible for identifying issues important to the best practice delivery of their service. Service delegates become familiar and comfortable with all policies and procedures in their service area. Delegates work to improve services for clients.

Community Delegates represent the needs and issues facing their community. They are responsible for obtaining feedback from various community stakeholders, including but not limited to partners, managers/supervisors, and clients. The information is used to address any identified issues at Corporate Congress. The community delegate is encouraged to talk with as many community people as possible so that they can represent the needs and issues facing their unique community.

The Results…

As you can imagine, the results of this event are tremendous. In 2021, Delegates passed a total of 24 bills designed to build on and improve the way we deliver care across the state. Since then, a workgroup came together to discuss and implement ways the organization could officially adopt and incorporate the bills into AWARE’s policies and procedures.

We look forward to this year’s session and we can’t wait to see what transpires from a high level of thought, professionalism, and creativity from our delegates. Together, we strive for continual improvement to further our mission of helping people live independent lives.

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