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AWARE's Team Is Full of Superheroes

It’s true.

AWARE has some of the most compassionate and caring people on our team. We’re so grateful for each and every person who has chosen to dedicate their life’s work to our mission of helping people live independent lives.

Perhaps it’s possible that they may even have superhero power? We spoke with Dawn Lucero-Palmer, group home service administrator, about that possibility.

Wonder Woman is Dawn’s favorite superhero. You might recognize the iconic comic book/television/movie character who fights for justice for all in the DC Universe.

If you follow superheroes at all, particularly the Justice League, you know that one of the most incredible and important things about Wonder Woman is that she can work with just about anyone. She is strong, fast and tough, but her real powers are working with others for the greater good.

Dawn says she likes Wonder Woman because of her leadership qualities and empathetic and loving heart.

“She’s strong but gentle. Kind and compassionate with the best hope for mankind,” Dawn said. “Plus she’s awesome and kicks butt.”

The same can be said for AWARE’s entire caregiving team.

Wonder Woman’s qualities add a whole different level to AWARE’s Unconditional Care Principle, It takes a Team. At AWARE we believe and support a team approach. The most important team members include the individuals we serve and their families. Each individual’s team also includes valuable community resources and AWARE staff. The team’s focus is on the strengths and skills of the individual and families. The individual and their families’ opinions regarding strengths and needs come first. We realize that we may not always agree with one another, but we strive for team consensus in decision-making.

Dawn is quick to credit the people she works with and recognizes everyone has their own superpower which makes the team stronger. Every team member works hard to ensure clients experience a positive vibe whether at the day center or out in the community.

“It’s something the clients deserve,” she said. “We all work hard and always make it fun.”

When the strengths of each individual team member are combined, it sets the tone for some remarkable compassionate care, in addition to creating opportunities for the people we serve to participate in memorable and special experiences. AWARE’s caregiving team is constantly collaborating to put together activities like monthly potlucks, the luminary project, Montana Rock Project and the Parade of Lights, just to name a few. By creating these experiences, we are fostering human connection, mental and physical wellness and celebrations of success – all a part of helping people live independent lives.

“The whole team comes up with ideas to make it happen,” Dawn said.

It Takes a Team is just one Unconditional Care Principle that underlies the services staff provide for the people in our care. There are 10 in total.

This culture of care was created by our very own staff during Corporate Congress years ago.

The UCC principles help our staff provide care with superhero strength.

These principles describe how AWARE as a team aims to provide high-quality, strength-based, wraparound care according to each person’s needs by taking on the hardest challenges in many different situations.

You can read about them here.

While this story is inspired by the Great Falls residential care team, it applies to all our employees across the state. AWARE’s superheroes are dedicated to helping people live independent lives. Because of our incredible team, we serve over 4,500 Montanans each year.

If you are feeling inspired to awaken your own inner superhero, we have a spot for you on our team. We have a wide variety of openings available across the state. Learn more and apply today at

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