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Celebrating 2022 Graduates

Helping people live independent lives is the foundation of our work, and we can’t think of a better outcome than watching the people we serve walk across the stage during their commencement ceremonies. This year, we’re proud to celebrate this occasion with many, but we’d like to take a few moments to highlight a couple of individuals just for you. These individuals are rising stars. They’re full of potential, and we know this is just the beginning of their incredible journeys.

Jean Lozard

Jean officially graduated on Sunday, May 29, 2022, at the Montana Expo Park in Great Falls, Montana. The previous Friday was a rehearsal for the ceremony, and he was feeling excited and upbeat about what’s ahead. He was admittedly a little nervous about ceremony, but that’s to be expected. Who isn’t nervous for their graduation ceremony?

Earlier in the week, Jean was surrounded by friends and staff members at Giant Springs State Park for a BBQ, celebration and gift exchange. Legos topped the list as did Marvel comics. Jean is a huge Black Panther fan and has a collection of Legos that would rival most.

This past year, Jean has been involved in several activities including multiple Special Olympics sports. He recently competed in softball, long throw and track. He’s quite the athlete!

Now that Jean has graduated, he’s looking forward to moving into his new home and all the opportunities that will unfold as he takes his next steps into adulthood.

Jean, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

Katelyn Schindler

Katelyn graduated on Saturday, June 4, 2022, at Washington Grizzly Stadium in Missoula, Montana. She was more than excited about the ceremony and is looking forward to moving into her own home in Great Falls.

This past year, Katelyn kept herself busy working a job at the local movie theater. She takes tickets and helps out with food orders. The theater she works at provides a sit-down dinner environment for guests before their show starts.

Katelyn also achieved high honor roll, went to prom the last two years, attended all the football and basketball games she could (she has a lot of school pride), and regularly participates in Special Olympics. It’s one of her favorite things!

With ties to the Sioux and Assiniboine Tribes, Katelyn also likes to celebrate her heritage as often as she can. She’s crafted a ribbon skirt through an All Nations class and has attended many pow-wows. She also learned to make her own hand drum this year.

Katelyn, we wish you the best of luck and know that you’ll do great things!

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