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Cooking is his passion

The first thing you’ll notice when you meet Vyeron is his contagious smile. He’s light hearted and has a great sense of humor. His personality shines through as he prepares tacos for lunch.

Cooking is one of his passions, and he looks forward to it on a regular basis. He jokingly says his roommates would starve without him.

Vyeron grew up in Lame Deer, a small town in eastern Montana that serves as the headquarters for the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. You can tell he’s proud of his heritage and upbringing, but he’s also happy to be where he is today.

He lives in one of AWARE’s group homes. He spends his time participating in weekly group activities, working at the main office, and enjoying his favorite hobbies – watching football and, you guessed it, preparing meals.

When you meet him, chances are he’ll be sporting his favorite team’s gear. Vyeron is a die-hard Packers fan that still talks about the good old Brett Favre days, but he quickly admits he has nothing to complain about with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

When he’s not cheering on his favorite team, he keeps himself busy in the kitchen. His inspiration for cooking comes from watching the pros like Bobby Flay and Rachel Ray. Some of his favorite dishes include grilled hamburgers and lasagna, though he also enjoys baking – especially cookies.

Don’t bother asking him about his secret ingredients because he won’t even hint at what’s in them. It’s his trade secret, and he’s not interested in sharing it.

When talking about his culinary pursuit, Vyeron is quick to compliment his support staff. They have helped him embrace his passion and have given him the tools he needs to grow his skills. He couldn’t have done it without them.

Maybe one day Vyeron will have a cooking show of his own!

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When are we going to be able to take our son home for the weekend again? He's in a group home and this has impacted our life, not being able to have him home every weekend..

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