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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Corporate Congress: Building Up to Another Session

With about a month to go, Corporate Congress 2023 is starting to take shape. Delegate elections are just wrapping up, and by the end of the week, representatives of AWARE’s major community centers and service lines will gather for an introductory Zoom meeting.

During the meeting, delegates will hear a brief update on the landscape of human services in Montana, where we’re currently at with AWARE’s strategic plan, an overview of drafting bills and the Corporate Congress process.

After the meeting, delegates will begin brainstorming and refining ideas with their peers so that they can submit the first versions of their bills prior to the official session at the Copper King Hotel in Butte, Montana, this year.

When delegates arrive for session (June 14-16), they will have a chance to introduce themselves and their bill(s) before breaking into committees. While in committees, delegates debate the bills and can take a variety of actions on them. They work to approve, approve as amended, or kill bills. The goal is to work through each bill in consideration with how it advances AWARE’s strategic plan and ultimately the level of quality care we provide across Montana.

On the last day of session, delegates present their final bills to AWARE’s board of directors and executive team. Each bill that has passed through the session is then officially adopted as passed and incorporated into the agency’s policies and procedures during the interim between the bi-annual Corporate Congress sessions.

It’s a fun process that mimics some of the same procedures at our state’s legislative level, and it provides invaluable feedback from all levels of the organization.

We look forward to seeing who this year’s slate of delegates is and the bills that they come up with to further our mission of helping people live independent lives.

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