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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Corporate Congress to Commence Next Week with Newly Elected Delegation

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Can you believe that in just one short week delegates will be arriving at the Copper King Hotel in Butte, Montana, for the 2023 Corporate Congress Session and UCC Awards Banquet?

During the last several weeks, 19 delegates have been working with their communities and service lines to draft bills designed to improve our work of helping people live independent lives.

The delegates who were nominated and elected by their peers from across the state are:

  • Adam Stuart - Anaconda Community

  • Alexis Saxton - Billings Community

  • Emma Kankelborg - Bozeman Community

  • Brooke Ballensky - Butte Community

  • Jenna Munkres - Great Falls Community

  • Rachel Englund - Helena Community

  • Lauren Wilgus - Missoula Community

  • Michael Launes - AMHR Services

  • Tyler Noland - ABA Services

  • Jay Sevores - CFE/Day Treatment Services

  • Amanda Wallace - CSCT Services

  • Karilynn Frank - DD Residential/Day Services

  • Brandon Wild - DD TCM Services

  • Lucille Riddle - ECS Services

  • Amy Collins - FACT Services

  • Bessie Joiner - PACT Services

  • Taujha James - QRTP Services

  • Jordan Ackman - SDMI Services

  • Sherry Williamson - SRC Services

During the Corporate Congress session next week, these delegates will bring their bills to life by introducing them in session, debating and modifying them in committee, and finally preparing for a final presentation to AWARE’s executive leadership team. Some bills will sail through the process, others will be amended and some might not make it all the way through. In the end, all passed bills will become incorporated into AWARE’s policies and procedures so that our organization can continue to thrive for many years to come. It's a unique process that allows AWARE to solicit and incorporate feedback from all layers of the organization into a dynamic strategic plan that drives the needle forward for human services and the thousands of clients we serve each day. We can't wait to see what this year’s session brings!

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1 Comment

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