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AWARE Ink Newsletter

COVID-19: A Note from AWARE's CEO

UPDATED: Thanks to everyone who has supported AWARE

Sending a great big THANK YOU to everyone out there who has offered their support to AWARE during this time.

We live in the best state that has the longest main street ever! We are so grateful for the small-town state we share with each and everyone of you. Below, see the contributions AWARE has received. Thank you once again for your generosity:

Anaconda Deer Lodge County Health Dept., Leigh Ann Holmes - Movie Baskets

Ashley Bair – Case of pop

Barb Wilson Capri Sun

Betty Getting – Homemade masks

Bobbie and Jeff Frank – Pizza, Ice Cream, Coffee

Charleen Galle – Craft Baskets

Colleen – 15 Dozen eggs, egg dye

Community Hospital of Anaconda, JoEllen Villa – Subway sandwiches

Dan Laughlin – Happy Meals

DFS Region 5 – Yarn and Books

Easter Treats – Serena Polich

Enterprise Holdings Foundation – $2,000 grant

Katy Thomas – $100 contribution

Lorissa Allison – $50 contribution

Mary Sandoval – Kids books

Matt Bugni and Leighann Knight – Easter Bags

Michael – Easter candy and baskets

Rosie Garcia – Cookies

Steve Jovanovich – Pizza, cookies, pop

Stokes – Milk

Tammy Hurly – Chicken dinner Thrifty – Cough drops, throat lozenges, masks, delivering meds Team Giving Hope, Tanna Andrews – 406 Bistro Donuts

Terry and Stephanie Galle – Root Beer Floats Vickie Laughlin – Dilly Bars


Dear Clients, Families, and Partners:

We want to let you know that the health and safety of the people we serve are always our top priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone on a global scale, and we are all adapting to an unprecedented situation.

AWARE’s workforce is showing tremendous flexibility during this time and I am grateful for their constant, caring, and compassionate dedication to our mission. It is our duty to ensure we minimize the impact of the coronavirus as much as possible.

During these challenging times, we are taking steps to continue our essential and 24/7 services. We have implemented many precautionary measures across our services, including:

Visitor Restrictions: AWARE facilities have placed restrictions on visitation. Requests for visitation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any allowed visitors must be asymptomatic and will be required to frequently perform hand hygiene and limit their movement and interactions with others in the facility.

Stocking Supplies: All group homes are adequately stocked in the event of a quarantine. This includes food supplies, medications (prescription and over the counter), and other non-food items (cleaning and hygiene supplies) necessary in order to maintain a minimum of two weeks under quarantine. This also includes keeping vehicles fully fueled.

Staffing Plans: Staffing plans are developed in preparation of a quarantine. If necessary, staff have been identified to live at group homes for a minimum of two-weeks. Staffing plans also address school closures and the need for extra coverage during normal school hours. Staff are available to assist students in virtual learning platforms and other resources as necessary.

Working from Home: In the event of community quarantines, for staff that are able to conduct business remotely, AWARE’s CEO can approve work-from-home requests.

Meetings, Conferences, and Travel Restrictions: AWARE Staff have been directed to conduct business by virtual means and to refrain from travel as much as possible. Any in-person meetings should be postponed to a future date.

Given the fluidity of this situation, these measures will likely change on an as needed basis.

For more information on the current situation, please visit the following link from Montana DPHHS.

AWARE will continue to monitor this very closely and will be sure to update you accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Matt Bugni, CEO


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