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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Dedication and Commitment Are Key

Our heroes know that the greatest successes come from an unwavering dedication and commitment to the people we serve. They use their strength and courage to fight for what’s right instead of what’s easy. They’re resilient beyond measure, and we look up to them because of their ability to achieve great things.

We don’t need to remind you how challenging it is to put the needs of others before your own. We know it’s certainly worth the effort (it’s part of a greater purpose). The truth is, we’re all heroes in a way. We help people live independent lives – in the face of adversity. And without your dedication, that wouldn’t be a reality for many.

Inspired by all of you, we’re highlighting those who have gone above and beyond in their duties. They have risen to the challenge, and they continue to serve our mission despite everything that has been thrown at us.

This month’s Healthcare Hero goes to Donna Kelly, service administrator within our developmental disability residential services.

She has been helping AWARE clients live independent lives for more than 30 years! Originally coming to us from New York, she’s been described as a fearless advocate for the clients she serves. She’s patient, rarely rushes her work and views every opportunity as a teaching moment to help the people in our care as they move closer to their goals.

Donna is quick to roll up her sleeves, doing whatever it takes to help out the team. She’s been known to fill in during staffing shortages, working directly with clients in addition to her regular administrative duties. She’s resourceful and open-minded with new ideas. She was among the first to incorporate tablets, cards, and icons as communication tools for people who experience difficulty speaking. To Donna, every barrier is nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

Her colleagues view her as caring, dedicated and compassionate. She’s a shining example of comfort, trust, and a creator of many smiles. They know they can depend on her, and she’s always willing to go the extra mile. This is evident in her approach as she trains team members to deliver highly intensive services with consistent follow-through. She’s inspiring to those around her, embodies the true meaning of “strong work ethic” and is certainly the most genuine person you will ever meet.

Donna exemplifies exactly what AWARE stands for. Throughout the years, she has held many different roles and worn several types of hats, always accomplishing everything set before her with a high level of success.  Donna is a true leader in the field who believes anything is achievable. Her drive to help others is simply unmatched. Those who have spent time with Donna know that the world is a better place because of her efforts.

Donna, you are a true Healthcare Hero! Thank you for your dedication and relentless commitment to helping people live independent lives. We are truly grateful for everything you do!

If you know of someone who should be recognized as the next Healthcare Hero, please send a tip to Bryon Higgins at

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