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Dreams come true with a Hawaiian vacation of a lifetime

Can you imagine your dream vacation? Perhaps it’s a going to your favorite theme park or flying to a foreign country? Or maybe you’ve daydreamed about something different?

For Wayne, going to Hawaii has always been his dream.

According to Amanda Weldon, AWARE program director, Wayne has talked about it regularly for many years.

When there is an opportunity to make life-long wishes, our team works hard to do everything in its power to make dreams reality.

Supporting people in living their best lives truly does go beyond ensuring basic needs such as a warm home, food to eat and clean clothes, which are also important! You can find many AWARE success stories here:

This year, our AWARE team helped make Wayne’s Hawaiian dream come true. In March, Wayne and supports from AWARE flew to Honolulu on the island of O’ahu for five days.

Together, they spent their time helping Wayne enjoy the island and all that it had to offer.

Wayne got to swim in the ocean for his first time.

“I went in the water and had fun,” he said.

Wayne also swam with the dolphins, which he says was scary at first but fun. His team also took him to the zoo, aquarium and whale watching.

“I got to dance,” Wayne said about attending a luau where he wore a lei.

When shopping in the lively city of Honolulu, he picked up a souvenir hat embroidered with the word Hawaii. He was also very thoughtful and picked up a t-shirt for each of his three roommates.

Wayne said that he would like to go on another vacation sometime down the road. He really enjoyed staying in a hotel. For his next trip, he’d like to go to Seattle for a football game to watch his team, the Seahawks.

Note: AWARE’s mission is to help people achieve the greatest levels of independence as possible, including independence from public funding. We are pleased to report that this trip was funded entirely by private resources.

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1 Comment

lekor adams
lekor adams
Dec 28, 2023

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