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FACT Team Approach is Helping Two Boys Succeed

AWARE’s FACT Team has been instrumental in helping one mom and her boys as they learn to manage their emotions.

Bree Arviso is a dedicated stay-at-home mom with three sons. Two of her sons, Liam (an avid reader) and Noah (an artist), both 12 years old, have been enrolled in AWARE services for the last couple of years, and have made tremendous strides toward their goals.

Liam is a person who is hard of hearing and has cerebral palsy, and Noah is a person who has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, depression and anxiety. They initially entered AWARE’s services through its Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT) program with Amanda Wallace, a licensed clinical professional counselor. Noah was the first to enroll due to outbursts at school, and after further discussions with Amanda, Liam joined the program as well.

As of this school year, both brothers have been enrolled in additional support services through AWARE to help them continue meeting their goals at home as well as in school. Through AWARE’s Family Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) program both Liam and Noah now participate in Home Support Services along with Youth Case Management. Additional team members include Tara Kimball, a family support specialist; Kate Wandell, a clinical lead; and Sierra Gebhart, a youth case manager. It’s all part of AWARE’s wraparound approach to help people succeed in every way possible.

The progress witnessed in both Liam and Noah so far has been nothing short of remarkable. Through the guidance of their full support team, they have acquired valuable skills that allow them to manage their emotions more effectively and identify scenarios when it’s best to remove themselves from the situation.

Bree expresses her gratitude, noting the tremendous improvement in her sons' ability to regulate their emotions. She shares, "Last year, Liam would get angry and run out of class without telling anyone, but he has only had one minor occurrence this year. Noah has controlled his anger and established a good group of friends."

As both boys continue making strides toward their academic goals, they are now shifting their focus to enhancing emotional regulation on the playground.

Bree attributes this success to the unwavering support provided by AWARE's dedicated professionals. "It's nice to have such a strong support team," she said, highlighting the collaborative efforts of Tara, Amanda, Kate and Sierra. The team's frequent check-ins ensure the family has everything they need and that the progress aligns with their goals.

Bree, who moved with her family from California to Montana, is pleased with the outcome, acknowledging the scarcity of similar services in California. In her own words, "It has been an amazing experience. I am very thankful for AWARE."

The dedicated efforts of professionals like Amanda, Tara, Kate and Sierra have not only facilitated significant progress in the boys' emotional regulation but have also empowered them to navigate the complexities of life more effectively. Liam's reduced instances of frustration and Noah's improved anger management signify the remarkable strides made under AWARE's wraparound approach.

This success story highlights the impactful work of AWARE in its mission of helping people live independent lives. It truly takes a team, and together, we will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of families just like the Arviso’s.

*AWARE's FACT program provides preventative and mental health services to youth and families in their home and community.

  • FACT serves all families, including biological, adoptive, foster or kinship. FACT teams use evidence-based practices such as multidimensional family therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and trauma-informed care.

  • FACT teams use a client-focused, strength-based wraparound approach to promote healthy families, stable housing, increased family engagement and increased access to psychiatric care.

  • FACT teams work with families to minimize or prevent the need for residential or hospital placements.

  • For more information on AWARE’s FACT services please click here.

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