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AWARE Ink Newsletter


Going above and beyond at AWARE’s Center for Excellence

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Welcome to AWARE's Center for Excellence - a special place dedicated to helping emotionally disturbed, diverse, and at-risk children achieve academic excellence in a supportive and caring environment. The private school firmly believes that every child deserves an individualized approach to education, utilizing developmentally appropriate and relationship-based strategies to bring out the best in each student.

The commitment to providing the best possible education experience is backed by innovative technology and best practices, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded curriculum. From math and science to reading, social studies, health and wellness, and art, a comprehensive education is offered, nurturing both their minds and hearts.

AWARE's Center for Excellence goes beyond academics, understanding that emotional well-being is crucial for a child's development. On-site therapy and group support services are provided to enhance the program further. The goal is to create a safe, supported and empowering environment for students throughout their journey.

The center boasts a dedicated and hardworking team, including some of the best teachers and caregivers, all passionate about helping people live independent lives. One standout member is Jay Sevores, a treatment service technician, who received the I’m OK, you’re OK - Unconditional Care Award this past June for continually showing compassion for his work and embodying the true essence of this award.

What sets Jay apart is his unwavering commitment to treating every client with dignity and respect, regardless of the situation they're facing. His deep compassion and empathy shine through as he takes the time to listen and support his clients through their worries. In Jay's presence, they find a safe space where they feel genuinely heard and understood.

Jay's dedication to making a positive impact goes beyond his everyday responsibilities. When a client lost their beloved stuffed animal, Jay sprang into action, determined to help. He designed and hung up posters around town, bringing the community together to assist in the search. Thanks to his efforts, the stuffed animal was found and safely returned to the client! These seemingly small acts of kindness may seem insignificant to some, but for Jay, they are essential in helping his clients feel okay.

Jay Sevores is an inspiration to the community and beyond. His actions remind everyone of the power of empathy and kindness. He shows that each person has the ability to make a difference, no matter how big or small their gestures may be.

At AWARE's Center for Excellence, the focus is not only on providing exceptional education but also on creating a community that values compassion, understanding and the impact of a caring heart. Together, everyone can make this world a better place for every child, one act of kindness at a time!

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