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AWARE Ink Newsletter


ICYMI Dawn Maddux Donated $10,000

As we get closer to our five Local Giving Days in May, we wanted to let you know about a special gift of $10,000 we received from Dawn Maddux - Engel & Völkers Western Frontier.

We are extremely grateful to Dawn and her team for this gift because it allows us to do so many things in support of kids and adults in early childhood, mental health, and developmental disability services.

Even more specifically — the donation makes an outdoor shade structure and sandbox possible so kids can play outside all summer long. It will provide bikes and helmets, gardening supplies, and books that serve as therapeutic activities. And it will allow the people in our care to visit local Zoos and sporting events where they can practice appropriate skills in social settings. And guess what? Your gift can do the same thing! During our five Local Giving Days (coming up in May), we’re committed to matching Dawn’s gift by raising another $10,000. That means, with your help, we can DOUBLE the impact for kids and adults across Montana. Please plan to donate in May – and DOUBLE the impact. We’re relying on you.


Your support ensures the people we serve live successfully in their communities

AWARE delivers care to more than 4,000 people throughout all 56 Montana counties. Among the support we provide includes home visits, help in school, assistance with services, psychiatric assessment, and outpatient counseling.


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