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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Meet our Board Member – Barb Sherrill

Our organization is led by a diverse and talented group of professionals. They provide our governance, and they graciously volunteer their time, knowledge, skills and expertise each month. They keep us focused on our mission – helping people live independent lives – and each one of them has excelled in their respective fields. Simply put, they are considered the best of the best in Montana (and beyond).

Basically, our board members inspire us to be better, to achieve greater things, and hopefully, they’ll inspire you too. This month’s story is part of a series that features our board members and the reasons they choose to support our cause.

This month, we feature Barb Sherrill who recently joined our board. Barb lives in Butte, Montana, and comes to AWARE with many years of experience in the fields of education and early childhood.

Barb, born and raised in Hamilton, Montana, lived in Butte for her teaching career, moved to Florence, Montana, and then returned to Butte where she is now closer to her grandchildren. She initially connected with AWARE as a member of our Early Childhood Services Policy Council. Now, she serves as a liaison between the council and the board of directors to keep us pointed in the right direction.

Barb was a teacher in the Ramsay and Butte school districts for 32 years, and she managed a grant program for the Butte district.  She then transitioned to an early childhood career setting up educational training as the head of provider services for Childcare Resources in Missoula. Shortly after, Barb was asked to run the Early Head Start programs for Ravalli Head Start in Missoula and Hamilton.  She's attempted to retire on numerous occasions, but each time she has felt the need to continue serving in different capacities.

If you ask Barb, she’ll tell you that there was a big shift in mindset as she transitioned from education to early childhood, but it has more than proven valuable with her grandchildren.

Barb, thank you for joining forces with our organization. Your desire to help others inspires us to achieve greater things!

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