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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Meet our Board Member – Dan Monroe

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Our organization is led by a diverse and talented group of professionals. They provide our governance, and they graciously volunteer their time, knowledge, skills, and expertise each month. They keep us focused on our mission – helping people live independent lives – and each one of them has excelled in their respective fields. Simply put, they are considered the best of the best in Montana (and beyond).

Basically, our board members inspire us to be better, to achieve greater things, and hopefully, they’ll inspire you too. This month’s story is part of a series that features our board members and the reasons they choose to support our cause.

This month we feature Dan Monroe who has served on AWARE’s board since January 2021. Dan resides in Florence, Montana, and comes to AWARE with many years of experience in the software industry.

Dan has a computer science degree from the University of Montana and has worked in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix before calling Montana home again. He has developed software in varying sectors, including solar photovoltaics, drone technology in the defense industry, oil exploration, and now the ever-changing field of corporate payroll taxes.

Originally from Ohio, Dan has traveled far and near over the years. He has taken part in some remarkable things, and he has met some extraordinary people along the way. He joins our cause because he realizes the true value of our work. We change people’s lives. We empower them and give them the tools necessary to live independently as possible. He’s here to help us further that work in any way he can.

Dan, thank you for recognizing the importance of our work. Your validation pushes us to continuously strive for excellence. With your heartfelt and passionate leadership, we can accomplish the impossible as we push toward a future of independence. Thank you for helping us become the organization we are today!

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