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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Montana man finds success and support in AWARE’s PACT program

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Hello everyone, meet Myron. He’s an avid outdoor enthusiast and a proud Montanan who enjoys hunting during the fall. He has an elk tag to fill his freezer this season.

He also likes fishing. During the summer, he rides his 15-year-old motorbike

Myron poses with a motorized mountain bike he built.
Myron poses with a motorized mountain bike he built.

to get outside. He put 1,000 miles on his bike this summer traveling to nearby lakes.

On occasion, AWARE PACT Registered Nurse Stacey Kummer joins Myron fishing at a local pond to keep him company.

Myron, 68, has worked with AWARE since 2002 receiving case management services. But for the last few years, he’s taken part in the PACT program in Helena working with Stacey and other team members to receive community-living support.

“I don’t know where I’d be without AWARE’s help,” Myron said.

Once a week, Stacey goes to Myron’s house to assist him with things like reading mail, writing checks, paying bills, and organizing his medications.

Stacey also helps out by taking him to medical appointments. One time, she gave Myron a ride when his truck broke down.

Myron says Stacey helps him maintain a positive attitude and ensures he’s “happy all the time.” Myron said her extra support is also appreciated since he is unable to read.

Stacey enjoys her time with Myron and looks forward to the Thursday afternoons she visits him each week. He has some colorful stories that make her laugh.

“Myron is fantastic and makes my job pleasant,” she said.


Myron is good with his hands. He learns best by doing.

Speaking with Myron, you’ll discover that he’s passionate about and talented in building and repairing engines.

He learned to be a mechanic while attending the Job Corps back in the 1970s. He further expanded his knowledge when he joined the Army to train as a heavy equipment mechanic.

Today, he has his own side gig building motorized mountain bikes. He calls it his “hobby,” building three to four each year (pictured).


Myron has his own home in Helena that he’s lived in since 1977. It’s needed some updates during the last few years.

One summer, he worked as a ranch hand to buy a new hot water tank for his home. He bucked 10 semi loads of hay, ran a swather, repaired fences and doors, weeded gardens, and fed cows. He no longer has to haul gallons and gallons of water to his home.

Last spring, the roof of his home started to collapse. To ensure Myron was safe and dry, Stacey helped Myron find the resources needed to re-build his home. It came in the form of a USDA rural development grant for people experiencing low income or for people with disabilities.

Luckily, Myron qualified for the rural grant living just 10 feet outside city limits.

Receiving the grant funds Stacey helped him apply for was great news for Myron. ACE Roofing also chose to provide the additional shingle work pro bono. Another business donated all the materials.

Now fully functional, Myron is staying warm and happy in his beloved home.


Stacey considers Myron’s story a great success. She’s worked with him for about three years now and is grateful for the friendship they’ve built.

Myron says he has lots to be grateful for, including the grant to rebuild his roof and the friend who gave him work on the ranch to buy a water tank.

He is also grateful for the time Stacey spends with him to ensure he lives a happy and healthy life.

For more information about AWARE’s PACT program, go to our website at

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