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AWARE Ink Newsletter

More than Just Keeping the Fleet Clean

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Every Wednesday and Thursday some of AWARE’s clients go to work detailing our fleet of vehicles. They love the job, and the paycheck it provides is just an added bonus. The crew works together like a well-oiled machine as they canvas the interior and exterior of each van that comes into the bay.

Wayne goes to work vacuuming while Wally sprays the van down and Tom starts scrubbing with a soapy brush. Within minutes, every square inch of the vehicle has been touched up and they’re ready for the next one. The supervising staff, Gary and Jeriah, stay busy shuttling cars in and out of the bay.

You can tell this crew is well-rehearsed as they share friendly banter without skipping a beat during their duties.

To complete each vehicle, Wally, Tom and Wayne scour every corner of the van with drying towels. There is a gentle rhythm to the way they work, and it’s satisfying to see a line of dirty vehicles turn into a line of clean and shiny ones.

Once they’ve worked their way through all of the vehicles for the day, they get to work cleaning the garage bay. A lot of dirt accumulates on the floor, and they work together to spray and squeegee it into the center drains.

When Friday rolls around and the team has done their work for the week, they spend their time doing fun activities or going on outings that help them celebrate their accomplishments and unwind. Maybe one of these days, if the weather cooperates, they’ll even get to enjoy a picnic at the park!

For these three guys, this job is a meaningful part of their day and week. It’s something they look forward to and it helps them build on the individual goals they have established to become more independent. It’s a first-hand example of AWARE’s mission hard at work and the reason behind our organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about AWARE’s services for adults, please click here. Our residential, case management and other specialized programs all focus on building individual treatment plans that help each client define their own goals and success. For many, this includes work opportunities that support the client’s interests.

P.S. You might recognize Wayne as we recently featured his Hawaiian vacation here.

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