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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Note from Our CEO

Greetings from Anaconda,

Here we are in November, which happens to be “National Gratitude Month.” At AWARE, we have much to be grateful for. If I listed everything and every person, you would be reading for a long time, so I will sum it up briefly.

First, I sincerely believe AWARE has the best caregiving team in the state. Our employees are dedicated to our mission and providing services inspired by AWARE’s Unconditional Care Principles. The work we do is not possible without all of you. To our team: thank you for all you do. You are making our communities, state, and world a better place. I am humbled, honored, and grateful to be the leader of this incredible organization, and I am glad to work alongside you.

Next, words cannot express how lucky we feel to work with the kids, adults, and families across the state who trust us to help and serve them. Inspiring is one word to describe each of you. We are grateful to have the opportunity to help you reach your goals and live independent lives.

The work we do wouldn’t be possible without the support of our friends, partners, and donors. I speak on behalf of all of us when I say thank you for your support.

Finally, how lucky are we to live, work, and play under the great big sky? Each day, I am grateful to call Montana home, and I hope all of you are too. Montana is such a special place and provides opportunities for mental and physical health, right in our own backyard. We are truly blessed.

As we celebrate this National Gratitude Month, I encourage you to take inventory of the things for which you are grateful. Taking the time to do this, whether it be through a gratitude journal or simply pausing to reflect regularly, is good for your mental health. Next, don’t be shy – spread and share your gratitude! Let people know how grateful you are to have them in your life, let them know how they make your life better just by being a part of it. Spreading gratitude is good for you… and good for the people you share it with.

Lastly, this month, I encourage you to show your gratitude by giving back to the community. Giving back will look different to each of you reading this letter. Giving back might be that you advocate for behavioral health. It might mean volunteering your time in one of our Early Head Start centers, or perhaps, your version of giving back is liking, following, and sharing about AWARE on social media to help us build awareness for the work we are doing. Or it could be a financial gift that makes an impact and helps us continue the great work we are doing. I encourage you to do what is meaningful to you. We appreciate you doing your part – it takes a team, and we are glad to have you on ours!

In this issue of INK, you will find inspiring stories about clients and staff, information about AWARE’s Annual Report, a review of our first ever Clinical Leadership Summit and more. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for your continued support and efforts to help people live independent lives.


Matt Bugni - CEO

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