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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Meet Leslie York, Business Operations Manager

AWARE offers a number of different career opportunities. While direct care teammates are always on the scene to ensure the people we serve are receiving the best care possible, there are also many indirect care teammates who help ensure the AWARE ship sails smoothly.

Long-time AWARE employee Leslie York is among those indirect care staff. We’re excited to highlight her in this month’s AWARE INK.

Starting out at AWARE as an administrative assistant 22-years-ago, Leslie now works as the business operations manager.

Like all of the administrative staff at AWARE’s Shared Resources Center in Anaconda, Leslie is a dedicated team member who works behind the scenes to help keep operations up and running.

What that means is Leslie supports AWARE’s mission by overseeing billing and collecting, supervising staff in accounts receivable, and managing the electronic health record (EHR), among several other duties related to finances.

(Hint, Hint: Leslie is a great go-to person if you have detailed questions regarding almost anything AWARE related.)

Leslie says that she loves going to work because her day always seems to have a new challenge – and it’s fun. “It’s not the same boring work,” Leslie said.

She is quick to recognize her teammates who are easy to work with and are always ready to provide support to other departments. “We’re always trying to find a better way,” Leslie said.

Most Memorable AWARE Moment

Helping launch the EHR is among Leslie’s best memories at AWARE. In fact, Leslie helped AWARE establish its first EHR back in 2014 and continues to be instrumental in the management of the system today.

Leslie says that EHR management is an opportunity to help ensure that all staff has the client information they need at their fingertips and that updates to the information are immediately available to everyone who needs them.

Also, the EHR supports administrative staff in providing health records for clients and their families, claims billing transactions, and documentation records for audits.

This year, Leslie was part of the team that helped upgrade the EHR to the NX system. While Leslie recognizes that the EHR is a work in progress, she’s excited to continue learning about the new powerful system.

Describing herself as “techy but not,” Leslie graduated college with a business degree in the management of computer information systems.

Before moving to Montana all those years ago, she worked for a company in Virginia that sold computer systems to medical offices and nursing homes.

Leslie says that altogether she has 43 years of experience in health care billing.

The work that Leslie and her team provide is part of the many positive outcomes and success stories that occur at AWARE. Leslie says that she is grateful for the opportunity to support AWARE staff and clients through her life’s work.

Leslie, know that we are grateful for you! Thank you for your service to AWARE.

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1 Comment

Toni Peterson
Toni Peterson
Dec 07, 2022

Congratulations Leslie!! We are so blessed to have you on the team🤗

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