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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Otto Bremer Trust Awards AWARE $100,000

The Otto Bremer Trust awarded $10,905,200 in grants in April and May 2023. Of the total, $1.1 million of the grants were awarded to organizations in Montana.

“We are sincerely humbled and honored to be an Otto Bremer Trust grant recipient. The support from the Otto Bremer Trust will assist AWARE with general operating expenses, allowing us to innovate effective services while continuing to meet the needs of the individuals with disabilities that we are honored to serve,” AWARE’s CEO Matt Bugni said.

AWARE was awarded $100,000 for general operations to support direct and community-based care for children, adults and families with mental health and developmental disabilities in Montana.

At a time when funding for behavioral health in Montana is at a critical crossroads, this grant will make an immediate and important impact.

Brynn Molloy, AWARE director of development and marketing said, “We are incredibly grateful to the Otto Bremer Trust and Trustees for recognizing the important work we do in Montana. With their support, we will continue bringing life to our mission to help people live independent lives.”

The Otto Bremer Trust is a private charitable trust based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Created in 1944 by business and community leader Otto Bremer, it is committed to supporting a better quality of life for residents of Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Since its founding, OBT has invested more than $1 billion in people, places and opportunities in its region. Read the full press release here.

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