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Overcoming Fear of Driving a Confidence Builder for One Mom

It’s amazing the things one can accomplish with just a little bit of support. We’d like to give a shoutout to one mom who, with some help, was able to overcome her anxiety when driving on the interstate.

This is a true story. But in an effort to respect privacy, we’ve changed the mom (Jill) and child’s (Emily) names.

Last summer, AWARE Early Childhood Family Advocate Lindsay Lyons started noticing Emily’s attendance had decreased. Emily was coming to the center regularly, but over a short period of time, attendance dropped to one day every couple of weeks.

Lindsay was concerned with this change. Her texts and phone calls were not being returned. So, she decided to visit Jill and Emily’s home.

The day that Lindsay and Jill connected, a long conversation uncovered the change. Jill was having anxiety about driving on the interstate. Driving her daughter is the only way Jill could get her daughter the 20 miles to and from the center.

Every time Jill would put her family into the car, she was overcome by her intense feelings. Not only was she scared, but Jill was also ashamed.

She knows the importance of getting her children to their activities. But her mental health was being challenged by certain events and relationships in her life, which added to her fear of driving.

That day, Lindsay fully recognized Jill’s commitment to her children. She says that Jill is a good mom who truly cares.

She wanted to be a positive person in Jill’s life. This commitment motivated Lindsay to help Jill come up with some solutions.

Together they created three goals to get Jill back on the road and Emily back to the early childhood center.

  1. Lindsay helped Jill recognize the triggers to her anxiety, such as certain relationships she pursued.

  2. Jill slowly started driving on the interstate once again, at first with her significant other in the car for support.

  3. Lindsay connected with Jill a couple days a week for encouragement.

The results are now in, and Lindsay is proud to report that Jill is happier and more confident. She’s setting boundaries that promote building positive relationships in her life, which has helped decrease her anxiety.

Emily is attending the center every day because Jill is now confidently able to drive the 20 miles to the early childhood center.

In addition, the ability to drive has given Jill the confidence to start her own cleaning business. Previously, Jill was unemployed.

Jill, we are so proud of you. Keep up the amazing work.

Lindsay, we also thank you for your dedication in helping Jill.

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