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Pushing for Independence

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Our jobs are difficult. There’s no doubt about that. We help people live independent lives. We push them to achieve their goals, and we advocate for them every step of the way. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. The smiles we see, achievements we witness and relationships we form are proof of the outcomes we deliver to thousands of people every year.

It’s the work of heroes. It’s our work. And it’s more important than ever. We show up day in and day out for our teams and for the people in our care. They depend on us, and we depend on them. Together, we are the healthcare heroes of this era.

Inspired by all of you, we’re highlighting those who have gone above and beyond in their duties. They have risen to the challenge, and they continue to serve our mission despite everything that has been thrown at us.

This month’s Healthcare Hero goes to Oscar Kronenberger, intake case manager within youth mental health services.

Oscar has quickly proven himself as someone who embraces every task head on. He is always eager to listen and brings a fresh perspective to anything he’s involved with. His positivity shines through every situation, and he’s not afraid to ask the right questions.

It’s safe to say, Oscar leaves no stone unturned in a search to find opportunities for kids that desperately need care. He is quick to vet out the most individualized services appropriate and offer recommendations to individuals and families who are unsure of what lies ahead.

Efficient, thorough, professional and courteous are all words that have been used to describe Oscar on numerous occasions. His peers say he is an exceptional team player and an absolute pleasure to work with. His commitment to our residents is top-notch, and his diligence to quality care is unmatched.

Oscar, you are a true Healthcare Hero! Thank you for your dedication and relentless commitment to helping people live independent lives. We are truly grateful for everything you do!

If you know of someone who should be recognized as the next Healthcare Hero, please send a tip to Bryon Higgins at

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