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Sticking with The Hardest Challenges, One Man Can Now See More Clearly

Your eyes can tell a lot about your health. And any eye care professional would tell you that it’s important to have them checked on a regular basis.

For some, having a professional eye exam may seem like a simple and natural thing to do. But for others, going to eye doctor can be stressful and scary.

Our friend Vinny is someone who had an unpleasant experience in the past. The thought of going to the eye doctor brought up some intense feelings.

But with the right support, he was able to overcome his fears. He attended his first eye exam in five years back in January (Great job Vinny!).

AWARE Service Administrator Melissa Payne has known Vinny for many years and has built a relationship of trust with him. Melissa said he agreed to go when she offered to stick by his side during the entire appointment.

In the past, Vinny was diagnosed with Astigmatism with nearsightedness. Over the years, it became clear that he needed help correcting his vision.

Vinny’s lengthy eye session included eye mapping and a full exam. The duo laughed and made jokes to pass the time.

At the end of the exam, Vinny had the opportunity to choose some new glasses, something he refused to do in the past.

Superheroes are one of Vinny’s passions. He has his own “Batcave” complete with video games.

While trying on glasses, Melissa honored Vinny with his own superhero name – ‘Vman.’ His superhero name also comes with superhero powers. From now on when he puts on his new glasses, he will be incognito.

“This stylish and amazing guy overcame a huge fear, and I for one am extremely proud of him,” Melissa said.

Melissa, thank you for being creative in caring for Vinny, we’re proud of you!

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