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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Technology brings AWARE staff together to learn about managing anxiety

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

AWARE clinicians from across the state gathered via Zoom this month to take in some continuing education – topic, managing anxiety.

Clinical Director Traci Shinabarger set up the monthly training to promote a culture of learning and self-care among clinicians. The monthly gathering also helps our clinicians receive required continuing education credits from a professional organization of their choice.

AWARE’s top priority is to provide quality care for each individual we serve. However, we recognize that it’s just as important to ensure the well-being of our staff. When our staff are healthy, the entire organization is healthy.

During the webinar, the clinicians were offered the opportunity to review the definition of anxiety and specific disorders. They were also encouraged to review their own self-care practices as it applies to anxiety.

Everyone received the opportunity for self-reflection during a practice exercise that invited clinicians to answer questions about their experience with anxiety, “How does anxiety show up in your life? What triggers anxious feelings? What does anxiety feel or look like for you? What steps do you take when you feel a rise in anxiety? etc.”

Seasonal adjustment disorder (SAD) was a bonus topic. Appropriate for the upcoming winter season, the webinar reminded those on the call about how environmental changes may bring on SAD and impact depression.

While clients benefit, clinicians are also able to pass on their knowledge to staff throughout AWARE. They work side-by-side with the people who work in our homes, schools, and communities. Often, they guide our staff as they work with the adults and children for which they care.

For example, staff support may look like teaching managers how to help their team deal with anxiety or leading a meeting that shows how staff may recognize anxiety in their clients.

Because life throws stressors at us every day, managing anxiety is an important subject for this time and space. Additional Zoom learning sessions are scheduled for the months ahead. It’s all part of AWARE’s dedication to ensure quality care is provided to everyone we serve.

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