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AWARE Ink Newsletter


The Steele-Reese Foundation Awards AWARE Grant Funds

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The Trustees of The Steele-Reese Foundation recently announced that the foundation will make a grant for $20,000 for one year to AWARE. These funds will support increased curriculum options and create robust classroom-based libraries designed to engage students in reading and literacy while meeting the wide educational needs of the children served at the Center for Excellence in Anaconda, Montana.

AWARE’s Center for Excellence recently received full accreditation and offers a unique approach to providing a wholistic, high-quality education that meets children where they are. This type of education experience requires constant evaluation and evolution. As AWARE continues to identify the needs of the students enrolled in school, it has become apparent that there is a need for expanded curriculum, specifically the literacy curriculum and providing access to culturally and academically diverse learning material to ensure an inclusive learning environment. The funds awarded by The Steele-Reese Foundation provide the resources necessary to invest in additional curriculum and reading materials.

“We are honored to be selected by The Steele-Reese Foundation to be a recipient of grant funding this year. Their investment will make an immediate impact and enhance the learning experience for the children we serve at the center. This award is a testament to the incredible commitment to the students that our Center for Excellence team shows each day. We are grateful to the trustees for recognizing the importance of the work we are doing at our school,” Brynn Molloy, AWARE director of development and marketing, said.

The Steele-Reese Foundation is a charitable trust committed to supporting rural communities and the tax-exempt entities that serve them in Idaho, Montana, in the Native nations that share the geography and in Appalachian Kentucky.

In Idaho, Montana and in the Native nations within these states, the Foundation supports federally tax-exempt entities working in rural education; health; human and social services; the arts and humanities; and land, water, and wildlife conservation; and historic preservation.

Since its inception, the Foundation has maintained a focus on the unique challenges of rural living and on helping people build healthy, successful and sustainable communities.

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