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Three Wellness Tips to Lead You into Fall

The beauty of autumn is upon us. Leaves are turning golden yellow and rusty orange, brightening our Montana hillsides. The nights are getting a little bit longer. Morning frost is on the ground. Before you know it, the cold will set in. The leaves that cling to the trees and bushes will touch the earth.

It’s all part of this predictable changing of the seasons we have all come to love – or not love.

This fall weather is a reminder that winter is coming in just a few short months. Now is a good time to prepare for the colder months ahead – this includes checking in on both your physical and mental wellness.

Below, find three tips on how you can support your wellness for the season ahead:

1. Stay moving - Movement is a key part of our physical and mental wellness. Movement is as easy as setting out on a short walk. For example, you might try just 10 minutes of brisk walking a couple times a day. Physically, walking supports your heart, blood vessels, bones, muscles and immune system as well as lipids, cholesterol and body composition. Additionally, research shows that walking supports mental wellness. With as little as 10 minutes of walking, you can begin to prevent and treat stress, anxiety and depression.

2. Get outside - Even if it’s cold outside, it’s important to get fresh air. Be sure to wear something on your head and layer your clothing to be prepared for the ever-changing weather. Here again, just 10 minutes make a difference. But perhaps you’d like to get a little more creative? Try heading out for an outdoor picnic or hiking on a new trail. You are sure to catch a little bit of vitamin D and soak in the beautiful golden atmosphere delivered by the changing fall weather.

3. Get plenty of rest – Sleep plays a role in our mental wellness and supports hormone regulation in the brain. Getting enough sleep helps ensure steady emotions, energy levels, thinking, appetite, and more. As nights get longer, you may want to turn in a little bit earlier. Our bodies tend to follow an internal clock called the circadian rhythm that is cued by the amount of light in the environment. When you’re aligned with this biological internal clock, you’re able to get more consistent and restorative sleep.

Looking for more fall wellness ideas? You can find more here and here.

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