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Tim Hahn Celebrates 30 Years with AWARE!

For a company founded in 1976, Tim Hahn (pictured) has been around for two-thirds of its existence.

Tim Hahn, AWARE Training Director
Tim Hahn, AWARE Training Director

In 1991, when Tim began his career here, AWARE was still a relatively small company serving primarily the Anaconda and Butte area. Since then, Tim has been a part of AWARE’s growth as it now reaches every county in Montana.

Tim, along with his wife Steph, moved to Butte from Colorado where they had been living at the time.

Originally from Billings, and with prior group home experience, Tim quickly found himself managing AWARE’s Sampson Street home, which was one of three “pilot” homes designed to meet the intensive therapeutic needs of youth.

Tim managed this home for 10 years and credits his success to a strong team made up of Larry Noonan, Jim McDonald, and Dick Rosenleaf. Together, they paved the way for AWARE’s mental health residential services.

During his time managing Sampson Street, Tim became a certified CPR/First Aid Trainer and offered his expertise throughout the company as needed. This eventually became a permanent role and something that he continues to enjoy every day.

As training director, Tim has been instrumental in shaping the educational components that AWARE offers its employees. From CPR, to HELP, and even teaching critical skills for professional caregivers, Tim has dedicated his career to ensuring AWARE employees are the best at serving people in the fields of early childhood, mental health, and developmental disabilities.

A self-proclaimed introvert, Tim cherishes the fact that he gets to meet nearly each and every one of AWARE’s 800 employees spread across the state. He says he most appreciates the relationships with colleagues and the people we serve. It’s his reason for sticking around for the last 30 years.

Well, Tim, we certainly appreciate you too! You’ve helped AWARE become what it is today and our relationships with you are truly second to none. Thank You from each and every one of us here at AWARE!

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