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AWARE Ink Newsletter

What Is Early Head Start?

President Johnson declared “War on Poverty” on January 8, 1964. As a result of that declaration, the Head Start program was born in 1965, followed by Early Head Start (EHS) in 1994.

Early Head Start programs are free, federally funded programs designed to promote school readiness for infants and toddlers. AWARE’s history as an EHS provider started back in 1998 when awarded a federal EHS grant to launch services in the community of Butte.

(Check out this video for some great history on AWARE EHS!)

AWARE EHS provides year-round services to 151 infants and toddlers, ages birth to three, and their families. Families qualify based on income, child disability, homelessness, SNAP recipient and/or child in foster care.

In addition to classroom services, we provide comprehensive support to children in partnership with their family, including health, nutrition, disability, and family services. AWARE EHS assists families in meeting their own personal goals and achieving self-sufficiency across a variety of domains such as housing stability, continued education and financial security.

AWARE currently provides EHS services in Butte, Belgrade, Billings and Helena as well as in partnership with community childcare providers in Butte, Whitehall, East Helena and Billings.

Curious to know more? Check out our most recent EHS Annual Report here.

For more information about enrollment opportunities at one of AWARE’s EHS sites click here.

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