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Work Begins on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Corporate Congress Bill

AWARE’s Corporate Congress is all about bringing the visions of our team into reality. In June, AWARE held Corporate Congress 2023, which provided an opportunity for our staff to offer suggestions on how to build a strong and resilient future that helps our organization grow with the ever-changing times.

The Corporate Congress process encourages staff to submit their ideas that are written up as bills for elected delegates to review, revise and vote to enact them. The passed bills are then added to AWARE’s strategic plan.

During the 2023 session, 15 bills were passed by the Corporate Congress delegates. You can find the passed bills here. Steps to fulfill each of these bills are in progress. Work will continue on these bills during the upcoming year.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Corporate Congress Bill

Specifically at this time, staff are in the process of developing Corporate Congress Bill Number 17 - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Statement and Implementation. DEI underlies all that we do at AWARE and is implied in our mission statement, Unconditional Care Principles, policies and procedures, training and other communications (such as the AWARE Ink Newsletter, website and social media). This bill aims to bring all of these supporting pieces together to highlight AWARE’s dedication to DEI.

Currently, a draft DEI statement has been created and is under review by our executive team for further updates and recommendations. Once the bill is approved, it will be added to our website, Additionally, the website will also feature activities AWARE is doing to show our commitment to DEI.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress with the DEI bill and all of the other Corporate Congress bills as they develop. You’ll find it all in the AWARE Ink when you subscribe for the monthly newsletter, follow us on Facebook or like us on Instagram.

AWARE has been holding Corporate Congress since the 1990s. This event is held every two years, and the venue rotates among the communities AWARE serves.

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