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AWARE Ink Newsletter

WOW – You All Made a Tremendous Difference!

We are blown away by the support AWARE received in 2021. In total, 138 unique supporters donated nearly $200,000 to AWARE.

The generosity of many is making an immediate impact. We are happy to share that we are making excellent use of the funds raised in 2021!

Here are just a few of the ways your donations have been put to use:

  • Provide gifts and special meals for birthdays and holidays for residents at AWARE homes through the Best Day Ever fund – which is an ongoing campaign that stemmed from an idea that came from our frontline team at Corporate Congress!

  • Develop the AWARE Employee Childcare Assistance Scholarship Fund – another ongoing campaign we believe will help us overcome the workforce crisis.

  • Purchase and provide duffel bags for all foster children who enter and exit AWARE’s care, so they no longer have to move with grocery bags.

  • Refresh rooms at the Center for Excellence and residential homes with unique sensory equipment for different types of engagement and therapy.

  • Provide opportunities and activities for the people we serve both in their homes and in the communities. Some favorites this year are swimming, baseball games and equine therapy!

  • Purchase new furniture, games and outdoor equipment like gardening supplies, bikes and basketballs for AWARE residences across the state.

  • Help provide nutritious food and snacks for our Early Childhood/Early Head Start centers across the state.

  • Recruit and retain the BEST client-focused workforce in the state.

The most exciting part is that this is just the tip of the iceberg! Truly, no matter the size of your gift -- or whether the gift is cash, time or goods – it makes a difference. Your support for AWARE makes the work we do possible.

Each year, as needs ramp up and state funding remains stagnant, privately raised dollars become increasingly more important. If you would like to help even more Montanans this year, you may donate at any time to one of our ongoing campaigns at, or you may contact our Director of Development & Marketing Brynn Molloy at to discuss your opportunities to make a difference.

Thank you for your continued support of AWARE and our mission. Together we help people live independent lives.

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