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SDMI Waiver Case Managment

Severe and Disabling Mental Illness (SDMI) Waiver Case Management is a program offered through AWARE for people 18 years and older who require long-term community support due to mental health symptoms. 


SDMI case managers offer support for your life 

Our case managers work with clients and their support systems to identify wants and needs for now and the future. Clients are then connected to the appropriate programs to help fulfill their goals. 


SDMI waiver is available to people experiencing a severe and disabling mental illness who require long-term services and support at a level typically provided in a nursing facility to stay within their community. 

Services offered through AWARE’s SDMI Waiver Case Management

• Enhance individuals’ independence and self-determination,

• Strengthen ties to the community, 

• Increase daily living skills and abilities and

• Help individuals find and work in an ideal job.  

AWARE is the contracted SDMI case management provider for all of Montana.  

People who receive SDMI Waiver Case Management are not directly responsible for the cost. Services are funded through state and federal programs. 



For more information contact:

Clayton Eastman


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