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Therapeutic Recreation Program

AWARE's Therapeutic Recreation program is a service that focuses on the lifestyles of the people we serve to help them gain independence and enhance health and well-being based upon their strengths and goals.


What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Therapeutic Recreation is a program that focuses on the lifestyles of the people we serve. Each person taking part in this program has the opportunity to look at their personal goals and aspirations to determine their ideal life worth living.


In a cooperative effort, program participants and their circle of support work to create a personalized plan of care to include preferred experiences and interventions that are experiential or recreative in nature.


Purposeful Therapeutic Recreation interventions may include:

  • Assessment Upon Referral

  • Leisure Education and Planning

  • Community Inclusion

  • Social and Relationship Skills

  • Health and Wellness

  • Exercise/Fitness

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Symptom Management

  • Coping Skills Acquisition

  • Group Consultation or Trainings

  • Mind-Body Wellness Program



For more information contact:

Beth Eastman, CTRS


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