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Adult Residences

Adults Residences Links

AWARE’s adult residential program offers services for mental health and developmental disabilities as well as special medical needs. We also provide supported living for adults who would like to live on their own. Our adult homes are located across Montana in Anaconda, Billings, Butte, Great Falls, and Missoula. 

Adults DD Home
Homes for adults with developmental disabilities

AWARE’s residential program for adults with developmental disabilities welcomes men and women into its safe, comfortable homes. The people who live in AWARE residences receive care by experienced staff who are available 24/7. We always like to make our residents feel empowered, valued, cared for and respected.

The comprehensive services we provide are designed to fit the individual. Our goal is to ensure each person lives according to their own idea of independence. Whether it be managing medication, eating delicious food, receiving transportation, or whatever is needed at the moment, we do our best to help residents live an independent life.

People who live in AWARE group homes can expect:

  • Care from professional, nonjudgmental staff.

  • Clean, well-cared for home and personal room.

  • Healthy, delicious meals and snacks.

  • Participation in the community.

  • Choice of employment.

  • Help with daily living skills.

  • Shared responsibility in household routines.

  • Transportation to and from work or community outings.

  • Assistance with medication, medical concerns and therapy


For more information contact:

Knute Oaas, Service Director


Adults MH Home
Homes for adults with mental health disabilities

Adults who live in AWARE’s mental health homes are entered into its Intensive Community Based Rehabilitation (ICBR) program. This program provides care for people who need treatment in a less restrictive environment. Often, these residents come from an institution, such as Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs or Montana Nursing Care Center in Lewistown.

People who live in AWARE’s mental health homes can expect

  • Individualized treatment

  • Care from professional, kind staff

  • Clean, well-cared for home and personal room

  • Healthy, delicious meals and snacks

  • Help with daily living skills

  • Shared responsibility in household routines

  • Help with finding employment and/or schooling

  • Introduction to community activities and/or organizations

  • Therapy and nursing services for psychiatric and medical needs


For more information contact:

Jennifer Wihlborg, Service Director


Homes for adults with special medical needs

A home for special medical needs, Porphyry is located in Butte. It’s a medically intensive group home for people with developmental disabilities and a primary medical diagnosis. Porphyry is one of only two special medical need homes in Montana.

At Porphyry, each person receives care with a hands-on team approach that is combined with adaptive equipment and support programs to promote independence. Staff at this home consists of RNs and LPNs who work alongside AWARE caregivers. The staff-to-client ratio also allows for quality time with each resident in an efficient and comfortable home setting.

People who live in the Porphyry home can expect:

  • 24-hour nursing care with appropriate medical equipment

  • Individualized treatment planning

  • A clean, well-cared for home and personal room

  • Healthy, delicious meals and snacks

  • Help with daily living skills

  • Transportation services for medical appointments

  • Medical services to be provided in the home

  • Weekly activities program

For more information contact:

Knute Oaas, Service Director


Special Medical Needs
Supported Living
Homes for supported living

AWARE’s supported living program helps adults with developmental disabilities live on their own. With as much assistance necessary from our caring, kind staff and a positive environment, we believe they can do so successfully.

Supported living offers reassurance to parents who are interested in easing their adult child into independence. We help create an ideal living situation and always find a way to carry out the goals set by each person in our care.

Our experienced staff works with each person individually. It’s a team effort with input from the individual, family and staff. We call it the “wraparound” approach. Because we like to be creative, possibilities are endless.

AWARE’s supported living program assistance may include assistance in the following areas:

  • Finding a home or apartment

  • Choosing personal helpers or roommates

  • Finding and applying for jobs

  • Coordinating medical appointments and medication

  • Paying bills and sticking to a budget

  • Shopping for groceries

  • Cooking instruction

  • Cleaning the home and instruction about home safety

  • Transportation assistance

  • Participating in the community 

For more information contact:

Knute Oaas, Service Director


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