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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Case Management 101

Case managers help individuals achieve their life goals and dreams through a process of engaging members in a person-centered approach. This can be broadly defined as a multifaceted process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors and evaluates member needs and outcomes to help ensure that those receiving case management services can live independently as possible to remain within their community.   


Our philosophy is to identify the strengths of our members and build on those by linking and coordinating appropriate services and supports which aid them in achieving their identified goals to have the highest quality of life possible. AWARE places a strong focus in connecting members to their community, along with strengthening the use of natural supports. 

AWARE case management serves members who have a severe and disabling mental illness, an intellectual or developmental disability or both; with the purpose of helping these individuals gain access to and coordinating the delivery of services and support they require. Case Management assists eligible individuals in gaining access to needed, mental health, medical, residential, social, educational, vocational, and other services by acting as a broker to link and coordinate segments of the system of care in Montana. The case manager aids the member in identifying their goals and strengths and builds on those by coordinating services which promote autonomy and self-agency for our members.

Program success is measured by assessing individuals' progress and participation in three core areas: housing/shelter, engagement in services, and community inclusion. This is achieved by utilizing a housing/shelter first model; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, that focuses on ensuring a client's basic needs are met, subsequently allowing for meaningful participation in treatment and community inclusion through employment or engagement in social/leisure pursuits.

This ability to identify additional member needs increases access to a multitude of community supports and health related services, thus furthering AWARE’s mission to fully integrate members into their communities and build bridges between systems instead of contributing to the fracturing of service delivery.    


A typical daily routine of a case manager involves home visiting, networking with community resources along with resource navigation, documentation, and crisis management.

A case manager’s involvement with a member contributes to increased utilization of preventative services and compliance with treatment recommendations, leading to reductions in hospital admissions and utilization of emergency services.  

Case management is an integral service within the system of care in Montana and is vital in ensuring positive outcomes and quality of life for some of the most marginalized individuals within the state of Montana.                         


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