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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Meet our Board Member – Barbara Andreozzi

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

AWARE is governed by talented professionals who graciously volunteer their time, knowledge, skills, and expertise each month and throughout the year to keep us focused on our mission – helping people live independent lives. They have excelled in their respective fields and are considered among the best in the state at what they do.

Barbara Andreozzi, AWARE board member

Simply put, our board members are a source of inspiration for us, and we know they’ll inspire you too. This is a series that features AWARE’s board members and the reasons they choose to support our cause.

This month we feature Barbara Andreozzi who has served on AWARE’s board since 2012. Barbara resides in Anaconda, MT, and has always held the work we do close to her heart.

Barbara has a few family members with autism and one who has Down syndrome. She holds a background in special education from her time living in California during the early ‘70’s. When she moved to Montana 48 years ago, she sought to maintain that connection. She’s worked with children with disabilities in the Kalispell school district and she later found herself on the AWARE board of directors, as well as several other nonprofits at the local state and national level, including the American Cancer Society.

Barbara is passionate about our work and helping to build stronger communities. She spent 25 years as the MSU Community Extension Agent to Deer Lodge County and has done similar international work in Eastern Europe. She is genuinely one of the most caring people you will ever meet and is a fierce advocate of bringing people together to solve problems.

Barbara, we thank you for continually keeping us pointed in the right direction and serving on AWARE’s board of directors. Your heartfelt and passionate leadership to helping people live independent lives is inspiring. Thank you for helping us become the organization we are today!

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