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Teen to an adult: Success story shows case management possibilities

Darin Heitt-Rennie works at AWARE as a case manager in the Bozeman/Gallatin Valley area. He’s experienced with 17+ years under his belt.

We’re so happy to have him!

He says meeting new clients and families has been an exiting aspect of working as a case manager with AWARE.

“I help them to navigate getting the supports they need to make both the individual and the families lives better,” Darin said. “You fall in love with everybody.”

Darin works with several clients he’s previously served before coming to AWARE. Among them is Molly Wyatt and her family.

He considers Molly to be a case management success story.

Molly’s a bright woman who’s sweet and kind. A person with Williams Syndrome, she’s become independent through the help of case management.

Molly moved to Montana with her parents about 2011.

When they arrived, she and her mom, Jane Wyatt, found a quick friend in Darin.

Long story short, then, 19-year-old Molly was in need of a case manager. They came upon some confusion with Medicaid when they transferred from Washington state to Montana.

Darin was there, ready to offer assistance.

“We were at ground zero,” Jane said.

Ever since that time in 2011, Darin has been part of the family’s team. And in many ways, Darin’s guidance (along with her parents) has helped Molly grow from a teen to an adult.

Like all AWARE case managers, Darin is an expert in helping people understand the system and pointing them in the right direction for services and support.

Darin says that over the years, he’s found no cookie cutter approach to helping those in his care. So, he’s always reaching out and learning how to best serve each individual and family who comes to him.

A few years later, his knowledge and contacts allowed Molly to further her growth as a young adult.

A new Medicaid waiver program was up for grabs to support adults looking for education and training. Darin knew that Molly was the perfect candidate.

He helped her secure one of nine spots available, which in turn helped fund her tuition to attend a career training program called Project Search.

Darin pointed her in the direction of participating in the career training program in Bozeman. Working closely with Molly and her parents, he also helped come up with an individualized plan that continued arrangements for Molly’s transformation.

Throughout the years, Molly’s plan of care has paved the way helping her find a job, learn how to call for transportation or walk/bike to get to work, and participate in activities in the community.

When building a plan to introduce a more independent lifestyle, Jane said, at first she was hesitant.

“We naturally babied her, but Darin time and again said, ‘I think she can,’” Jane said.

Today, services with case management has also helped Molly live in her own home.

“My favorite part is having a roommate,” Molly said.

Both Molly and her mom are grateful for the help Darin has provided. Molly offered several compliments to Darin.

“He’s kind. He’s nice, supportive,” Molly said.

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