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The Magic of Sunlight & Vitamin D 

Isn’t it wonderful? We’ve almost made it through winter. But then again, as you know, Montana’s unpredictable weather may speak to us just a bit more in the upcoming months by spitting out a little bit of snow.  

However, we are gaining more daylight. Soon, you’ll see more green on the ground and in the trees than what you’ll find in Butte, Montana, on St. Patrick’s Day.  


Yay, spring! 


Sunlight is one of those magical energizers we briefly touched upon during the last issue of AWARE Ink. As the extra sunlight rises each day to energize our earth, it also brings warmth and energy to us humans.  


With that warmth comes the pleasure of taking off all the layers and exposing our skin to the precious UV rays emitted by the sun. Hello vitamin D!  


It’s true, sunlight provides precious vitamin D through the UV rays it emits. 


The main purpose of sun-inducing vitamin D is to build and maintain healthy bones and muscles. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium to prevent osteoporosis and osteopenia and prevent bone fractures.  


In addition, it also helps to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and the immune system; keep your brain working properly; and maintain blood vessels. 


During the darker time of the year, it’s found that people in the Northern hemisphere experience a vitamin D deficiency due to lack of outdoor sun exposure. We tend to stay inside and wrap ourselves in warm winter gear to beat the outdoor extreme weather.  


Historical research suggests that skin color of people who lived in the north evolved to absorb more light. Today, it’s found that people with light skin need about 10 minutes of light per day, while people with more melatonin need about 45 minutes to absorb the vitamin D rays.  


It’d be nice if we could all go to a tropical location to bathe in the sun for a couple weeks during the winter. It’s an option! 


But also, when it’s not possible, you can supplement your diet with vitamin D3 capsules or liquid, according to your physician’s recommendations. You can also drink vitamin D fortified milk or orange juice or eat a couple servings of fish, such as wild salmon.  


Getting enough sun is like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – you need just the right amount. As the sun warms and you’re ready to take off the winter layers, remember to wear sunscreen to avoid the negative effects of the sun (a story for another day).  


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